The atmosphere that surrounds to the Lahuel cabins, allows to develop a infinity of activities between which they are mainly:





If you like tennis, Lahuel Cabins count on an own tennis court. Which is to disposition of all its guests.

Fly fishing

Lake Llanquihue or Pescado, Petrohué, Puelo or Maullín river to mention some, is world-wide icons of the sport fishing. It is by that every year thousand of professionals and fans to this pastime, thousands of kilometers travel to surround themselves by these fabulous landscapes. For them, our cabins count on exclusive access to the Pescado river, as well as guides specialized for the places previously mentioned.



To only 40 kms are the fields of the Center of Ski of Osorno Volcano, which counts on but of 600 hectareas of tracks and one complete infrastructure for it practices it of multiple winter sport. 

Other activities ...

  • Strolls to Horse 

  • Trecking 

  • Observation of Birds 

  • Strolls to Osorno Volcano and Vicente Perez Rosales, Alerceandino National 

  • Kayak 

  • ... ¡a lot more!

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